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About us

Sysmex Partec offers a comprehensive portfolio of ultra-compact flow cytometers and reagents, optimised for scientific and industrial applications.

Under the former name Partec Italia, our organistaion has a long history as partner of its customers in research and industry,  specialised on solution based on flow cytometry analysis.  

Since September 2013, Sysmex Partec Italia is part of the international Sysmex organisation, with headquarters in Kobe, Japan. Sysmex Corporation currently ranked in the top 10 global in‐vitro diagnostic companies with a reputation for high quality products, service and reliability.

Sysmex are constantly adapting to help our customers to meet these needs, expanding the boundaries of diagnostic science to develop new systems whilst providing an unrivalled level of service and support along the way.  In addition to instrumentation, the company develops many different reagents essential for diagnostic testing. Core expertise in haematology, haemostasis, systemisation, and reagent development is the driving force behind Sysmex’s global business activities.
Please get in touch with Sysmex Partec Italia to find out how we can help your organisation through our flow cytometry instruments, antibodies and reagents and support services.

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